Peter Langdon Ward


Born August 10, 1943 – Washington, D.C. Married, four grown children.
1981 Executive Program, University of California at Davis
1970 Ph.D. Columbia University
1967 MA Columbia University
1965 BA Dartmouth College

Primary Leadership and Committee Experience:

2001-2003Chairman, Board of Trustees, Partnership for Public Warning,
1998Retired to Jackson, Wyoming
1997-1998Chairman, Working Group on Natural Disaster Information Systems under the
Subcommittee on Natural Disaster Reduction (SNDR) of the Committee on
Environment and Natural Resources (CENR), Office of Science and Technology
Policy (OSTP) in the White House.
1997-1998Member, Disaster Information Task Force requested by Vice President Gore to
determine the feasibility of a Global Disaster Information Network.
1997-1998Member, Subcommittee on Natural Disaster Reduction under CENR within OSTP.
1977-1998Member, Working Group on Crisis Management, under Committee on Information
and Communication within OSTP.
1996-1998Leader, development of a Real-time Hazards Initiative that integrates hazards
programs across all four divisions of the USGS. Provided briefings for Department
of Interior leaders, Office of Management and Budget and others.
1996-1998Chairman, USGS Committee on Serving High-volume, Rapid Notifications to plan
more effective dissemination of real-time information in all four Divisions.
1995Member, Outreach Benchmark Team of the USGS.
1994-1999Associate Editor, Bulletin of the Geological Society of America.
1992-1995Member, Education and Outreach Policy Advisory Board, Southern California
Earthquake Center, and Chairman of the Public Information/Affairs Committee.
1990Conceived of, wrote, produced, raised $750,000 outside of the government, hired a
public-relations firm, and involved more than 100 people in many different
agencies in review of a magazine distributed in 41 newspapers and 3.3 million
copies about earthquakes in northern California and what people can do about
them. Received Public Affairs Award of the Department of Interior, highest award
of the National Association of Government Communicators, and was a Finalist for
Federal Employee of the Year Award in 1991.
1984-1989Member, interagency working group on research drilling into Novarupta vent,
Katmai, Alaska.
1984-1988Member and USGS representative, advisory panel to the Department of
Geoscience, University of California, Santa Barbara.
1977-1979Member, Geophysical Prediction Panel of the Geophysics Study Committee,
National Academy of Sciences
1977-1978Coordinator, Earthquake Prediction Program. Between 1975 and 1978, led
development of strategic plans for NEHRP, National Earthquake Hazard Reduction
Program, passed by congress in 1977. Guided program through a tripling of the
budget. Briefed Secretary of Interior, the President’s Advisory Panel on Anticipated
Advances in Science and Technology, and many others.
1976-1977Member, Earth Dynamics Advisory Subcommittee, NASA.
1975-1977Chief, Branch of Seismology, which became Branch of Earthquake Mechanics and
Prediction. Led group of 200 scientists and support staff.
1974-1979Member, Advisory Panel for Magma Energy Research, Sandia National Labs.
1974-1975Coordinator, Geothermal Research Program within the Branch of Seismology.
1973-1977Leader, Working Group on Research on Earthquakes and Crustal Movements in
Volcanic Regions, International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the
Earth’s Interior.
1973-1978Member, Committee on the Solid Earth, Pan American Institute of Geography and
History, Commission on Geophysics.
1973-1975Developer, Center for Seismic Studies in the Nicaraguan government. Found USAID
and Nicaraguan funding and led training and installation of seismic networks.
1970Project Director for developing 13 ultra-high-gain broad-band, long-period seismic
systems and installing them in 5 countries for monitoring nuclear tests.

Leadership Outside of Science:

1981-PresentOwner and developer of Happiness Country Kennels, a dog and cat kennel
currently boarding, on average, more than 45 animals per night and employing
14 people.
1974-1979Founder and leader of Sviraci, a five-person Balkan folk-dance orchestra.
1963-1964Vice President, Dartmouth Outing Club
1962Hutmaster, Lakes of the Clouds Hut, Appalachian Mountain Club.
1959As Junior Counselor and Junior Maine Guide, developed Maine Woodsman and
Maine Junior Woodsman programs published in The Art of Living Outdoors in
, Maine Camp Directors Association, 1961